Pure Healing Massage

Christina Sofley, NC #12864 Licensed Massage Therapist           
located in the office of Body Clinic of Concord

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Call 704-798-9111 to make an appointment today.  You can't beat the prices and the service you receive will be exceptional.  All massages are tailored to your specific needs.  I pay close attention to the issues you are experiencing and address those needs through deep tissue and neuromuscular massage to allievate what is causing you pain, knots and tension.  I will adjust the pressure to suit your needs so could range from light to hard pressure.  If you are looking for a softer touch and a nice relaxing experience then come in and ask for a Swedish massage. My office is located at 992 Copperfield Blvd., Concord, NC 28025.

A little about me:

My name is Christina. I am a Christian and God is a big part of my life.  He led me from another career to change to this one.  I never knew I would love it so much and love meeting so many wonderful new people.  I am a morning person which is why I like to start work doing massages at 8am.  I also saw a need for starting so early noticing that most places don't open until 10.  I am always very cheery and if you are a talker, I can talk to you the entire visit.  I also know when to let there be silence.  I really enjoy helping clients out with their issues.  At the end of the day, it is worth it.  I look forward to meeting you.